1080TI GPU getting hotter during mining of ZEC when compared to ETH (100% usage, no power limit)


I was curios if this is the “norm”?
Under the same stock settings of 1080TI fan speed @ 80%, case fans at max 2000 RPM. When mining ETH it goes to max 45 ºC, when mining ZEC it goes to max 60 ºC, i.e. ZEC is more GPU intensive somehow, even-though they both utilize 100% of the cards computational resources.

When mining ZEC with EWBF miner (no clock, no power limit) the 1080 TI GPU gets to 60 ºC (131 ºF)
When mining ETH with Claymore miner (no clock, no power limit) the 1080 TI GPU gets to 45 ºC (113 ºF)

Afterburner shows 100% usage on both.

So how come the ZEC mining generated 100% usage is more intensive on the GPU, when compared to again 100% utilized GPU with claymore (ETH).

I also saw ppl having issues with risers and ZEC, while the same rig - digs fine other coins. Are those related?

That is related to the algo but it’s also related to EWBF. It can be more optmized. Unfortunately the dev is nowhere to be seen for several months. He’s probably enjoying his 2% fees.

Well turn of the dev fee and he might return :smile:

Also tested here, fans goes silient when mining ETH on 1080ti on zcash i have 50-60% fan

Turning off the dev fees decreases the performance as far as I know.

  • most people have it turned off. So EWBF dev no longer has stimul to produce new, I assume.
    Unlike claymore with ETH :slight_smile: even though he cheats a bit, he still enjoys profits and produces new versions from time to time.

kloninga: Do not forget ETH is memory intensive, while ZEC is core => more stress on the GPU for ZEC.
Unless you dual mine ETH , then should be almost similar to zec in terms of utilization/temps