5th card not recognised on rig

Guys can someone help me please? Im trying to add a 5th card to my rig but once in it does not show up on miner? Trying to use
Windows 8
Btc pro motherboard 2.0
5x r9 nano

4 of them work no problem but when i add 5th it doesnt seem to work… also on gpu-z the last card doesnt matter what order i put them in comes up with some funny driver details? I mean 4 of them come the same but last one comes with some other drivers? Iv tried doind ddu uninstall etc but same problem…

Please take a look at driver version on screen shots… the top 1 is totally random it baffles me… maybe i should try installing windows 10?

Anyone shed some light on this please?

Please delete post admin.
Iv fixed it by installing windows 10