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Hi, @Shawn! Recently (march probably), we had a technical problem on the forum. Any automatic translators (browser plugins) have stopped translating forum pages into Russian (any other language).) language. Only the technical part is translated - the titles, the actions of the forum engine, nothing more. Whether this function can be restored. For many non-English-speaking people, this is a big problem that prevents them from using the forum to get information.

I attached a screenshot of what it looks like.

Hi @artkor I’m not sure what the issue is, I haven’t changed any settings on the back end.

I did do some research and it looks like it’s something to do with the translator itself, not Discourse.

You are not the first person to bring this issue up, but I’m unsure what we can change that will fix it?

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Thanks for the info! I will follow this thread.

One of the translators reports the following:

“Sorry, cannot translate this page at the moment, the site uses a strict “Content Security Policy”.
Do you want to try translate the page using Google Translate?”

Unfortunately, this problem has not been resolved. I see how most of the Russian-speaking audience has left the forum.

The default settings prevent many types of scripts from running.

Mitigate XSS Attacks with Content Security Policy - announcements - Discourse Meta

There may be a way to whitelist the app you are using, what’s the name of the most common ones you know Russian speakers prefer to use?

Thank You!
It’s “Google translate” - Google Translate - Chrome Web Store

Can you try again? I’ve whitelisted Google translate domains and extension.

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unfortunately, nothing has changed.