Add Orchard to Zecwallet Mobile and Desktop Apps

A new version of Zecwallet Fullnode with zcashd v5.1.0 is now out.

If you are running a full node, I highly recommend this release - It has several performance upgrades to deal with the increased tx volume of late.


Error: Error invoking remote method ‘doRPC_IPC’: NO_CONNECTION
1.8.0, 1.8.0 beta on macOS 12.4

all time loading…
1.8.1 on macOS 12.4

it just doesn’t work :neutral_face:

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This is what I get too. I left it for hours and it doesn’t download anything. It makes the folders but that is it. If I quit and reload it a few times it will progress, but there is no blockchain downloaded. I also forwarded ports on my router.

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Running Xubuntu 22.04 LTS I compiled the latest master and ran a -reindex and was able to sync up my laptop. Progress :cowboy_hat_face: (You can see how long it took from the screenshot)

Also installed latest Zecwallet Fullnode (v1.8.0), and got it working as well. I will note that until your full node has caught up to the latest block height it will not show connected but only 99% synced. You can verify what the current block height is from sites like:


So awesome that zecwallet has Orchard and UA!

I’m trying to run it on mac (this version Release Zecwallet Fullnode with zcashd v5.1.0 · ZcashFoundation/zecwallet · GitHub - 1.8.1) yet it isn’t working for me.

Is anyone else having issues?

I’ve attached a photo of what the program looks like when trying to open it.

ZecWallet Lite seems to be working fine for me (using this version Release Bugfixes and Improve Sync Performance · adityapk00/zecwallet-lite · GitHub - 1.17.20)

Does it have UA and Orchard support? The addresses looks like the old version to me.

Thanks for the hard work @adityapk00 !

Same here, Zecwallet Lite v1.17.20 .deb now installing fine in Debian Bullseye, but I see it’s still old Z- and T-addresses only.

(Nice simple interface though, and with a minor tweak for how I execute the binary in my weird, probably slightly non standard Debian environment, I got it syncing and loading in only minutes. It’s probably syncing fine by default in macOS and Windows. I tried a second Debian environment and no modification was needed in how it was launched. Linux (with multiple DEs, not just distros) is a fragmented mess as usual.)

Can’t wait for UA to be added to lite gui @adityapk00, any ETA on that? Quite crucial for ecosystem adoption to have UA as default when we recommend it to people in the big move to simplified UA. Can’t wait to clean up the old two address system and rid of it!

I’m happy to announce a beta program for Zecwallet Lite CLI and Orchard.

Based on previous feedback, the beta program is open early, before all the features are ready. I’ll keep updating this thread with the weekly beta releases until we get to the lightclient launch.

Today’s beta is:

  • Zecwallet Lite CLI only
  • Allows creating UA addresses
  • Receive funds into the Orchard pool, including full memo support.

What’s not working yet:

  • Send outgoing funds from the Orchard pool.

You can play around with the beta in conjunction with Zecwallet Fullnode that has full orchard support. Please file bugs if you run into issues or have other ideas to improve Zecwallet Lite.

Please make sure that you save the seed phrase used, since you will almost certainly need to recreate the wallet or rescan the wallet at some point.

Download the binaries here (or compile from source): Release Beta1 with Orchard sync · adityapk00/zecwallet-light-cli · GitHub


Running v1.8.3 with external zcashd v5.2.0


Clicking on the Receive button on the left hand side then the Unified tab shows ZEC funds at 0, when in fact it does have a balance. Clicking on Dashboard or Send you can verify this.

I’m using Zecwallet Lite GUI v1.17.20, and it’s taking considerably longer to sync than old versions of Zecwallet Lite, is that normal?

In addition, Zecwallet full node GUI v.1.8.3 isn’t working for me on mac, is anyone else experiencing issues?

I thought it was supposed to have zcashd built into it, so are these instructions no longer valid? (found on: GitHub - ZcashFoundation/zecwallet: A z-address first full node and UI wallet for zcash)

"ZecWallet needs a Zcash node running zcashd. If you already have a zcashd node running, ZecWallet will connect to it.

You need to manually start the zcashd node so that Zecwallet can connect to it. The first time you run zcashd, you need to:

  1. Create a zcash.conf file with at least:
  1. Run ./ to get the Zcash params
  2. Run ./zcashd-wallet-tool to configure your seed phrase and set up your Orchard accounts.

All binaries needed are included in the distribution."

Thanks for the help!

Edit: I just quit zecwallet lite (it was saying syncing batch 0 of 116 and was going very slowly).

I deleted the folders: “zecwallet” “Zecwallet Lite” and “Zcash” in Library/Application Support, restarted zecwallet lite, and made a new wallet with new seed phrase.

It then only had to sync batch 0 of 1, and started up in under a minute.

Is something wrong? That’s a large difference. What about the other 115 batches?

did you have to download zcashd separately? My 1.8.3 zecwallet full node isn’t working

Yes, I’m running a freshly compiled zcashd v5.2.0. You can find that here:

If you don’t want to compile check this option out:

I haven’t used zecwallet fullnode without running zcashd separately so I"m unable to give feedback on that experience.

Ah, yeah I’m trying to run the zecwallet fullnode by adityapk00 on its own, without compiling my own zcashd node, and am having trouble getting that to work.

If you install a full node from scratch, it first has to sync the entire chain. That is currently taking a long time, especially after block ~1730000 where the blocks became full. The full node wallet won’t be able to do much until that is complete

Anecdotally, zcashd v5.2.0 is struggling to sync on non-server hardware for me (out of memory errors), taking multiple re-starts of the node to slowly chip away at these very large blocks.

So is it only possible to run the GUI full node wallet if I separately compile my own zcashd node?

I have a mac, so was hoping that I could just use adityapk00’s zecwallet full node and that zcashd came packaged with it, but I’m not able to get it to work

zcashd comes with ZecWallet Full Node. When you start the full node wallet, it will start the node in the background for you, but it will take hours for that node to sync before the wallet is usable.

I’m not sure about macOS, but when you install the full node wallet in Linux, you can start the node separately by going to the console and calling zcashd. That way, you can actually see the progress of the node’s syncing.

Thanks for the help!

How would I go about calling zcashd in the console?

There is a view zcashd info button but nothing happens when I click it.

I opened Zecwallet full node with terminal so I could see what is going on, and it just stops with these messages and nothing else happens.

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I’m not a mac user, but in Linux, you use the zcashd command on the console.

beta2 of the Zecwallet CLI is here with full Orchard and Unified Address support.

  • Send + Receive Orchard transactions
  • Create UA orchard addresses from the same seed phrase

We expect the UI orchard beta to be available next week.

(Users of beta1 will need to delete the wallet.dat and restore from seed)

Privacy Note:
Zecwallet CLI allows you to construct any kind of mixed transaction - For example, one that spends both a Sapling note and an Orchard note in the same transaction, sending the funds to any combination of any number of Transparent + Orchard + Sapling addresses.

This means that some combinations of sending might have to disclose the amount, and Zecwallet CLI doesn’t warn you of this yet.


Is this error related to existing known errors (Windows Binary for Zec Wallet Full Node)

I’m trying to run a full node and seed phrase recover my frozen ZEC in a nighthawk mobile wallet :frowning:

The fullnode doesn’t support restoring from seed phrase (yet, I know zcashd is working on it). You want to use the Light wallet and restore from the seed phrase. After that, you can send it to your full node wallet.

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