Adding USBs to increase hashing power?

Hi everyone,

So I am new to Zcash mining but I was reading about how the hardware and algorithms work and I read that Equihash is memory oriented Proof of Work. So the more memory you have in terms of RAM, the faster your hashing essentially. I am mining with my GPU and get around 600 sol/s. So my question is if I add USBs to my computer, start mining with my CPU, and use them as virtual memory, will I get substantial increase in my hashing power?

I really want to learn more about this so anything is appreciated!

Thank you

Oh that is true. If I start CPU mining, do you think a USB or SSD would increase the hashrate even a little bit? I have so many spare 64 and 128GB flash drives so that’s why I am curious.

Again, as @GPU_Mining said before, “USB or even SSD are too slow”.
Sell all those USB and SSDs and buy yourself some good quality GPUs and risers!