All ECC teams focused on wallet performance

To follow up Nick’s post from yesterday, ECC’s restructuring operations created a small impact on the overall delivery schedule for the remaining “Emergency Mode” functionality. The release timeline below includes those updates.

In addition to what is listed, we also completed a quiet SDK update release, which included block download and scanning parallelization features. This is part of our continuing Emergency Mode efforts to address functionality and feature challenges within the software. The end result of releasing this functionality is a much improved linear scan capability ahead of the zcashd 5.6.0 release, which will enable the DAGSync algorithm and fund availability.

We are also actively engaged with our third-party wallet development partners as we reach critical milestones. This ensures a two-way communication channel while minimizing the wait for end users to see new features realized in their favorite wallet product.

With the updated timeline below, we are expecting a release candidate for zcashd 5.6.0 in the week of June 5, with the stable release a week later. The updated lightwalletd and SDK versions will follow the same timeframe, coming during the week of June 12.