Am I doing this right?

Bought .005 BTC worth of hash power .2 mSol/s for Price 0.63560000 BTC/MSol/day. It mined for about an hour at miningpoolhub on zcash …

I earned 0.03054821 ZEC…

so my $55 (11,000 BTC/USD) investment netted me $11 (360 ZEC/USD) ?

In other words, I lost $44 value on the hour?

is this typical? what would I do differently?

I would speculate that the pool you mined on had bad luck and didn’t find very many blocks in the hour you paid for.

That’s been my general experience. I bought .1m/Sols/s for 24 hours on three separate occasions at .5 btc/msol/day and I never broke even.

Two problems - You need to mine on the biggest pools for consistent payout, and you need to not overpay for hashpower.
Youll be hard pressed to satisfy the second rule by renting.

ok, thanks for the insight. I am mining on NH with 8 1070’s doing about $18-20 a day. I wanted to reinvest what I was making until I withdraw in about 5 months (6 months same as cash) to pay off the rig at the rate BTC is increasing in value. I just didn’t want it to simply sit there. Even though it is appreciating.