Announcing Ycash, The First "Friendly Fork" of the Zcash Blockchain

%100 agree, a newsletter would be great.


Thank you for the links @hloo


The main Ycash website is now live:


Is it ycash logo?


Ycash is standing on the shoulders of two giants: Bitcoin and Zcash. We will aggressively compete with both (and all other digital currencies) for user and merchant adoption.

Aggressively doesn’t sound very friendly to me. Maybe it isn’t in native English talking countries, but to me it sounds rather hostile, but that are just my 0.72942 Zec


@BUS, thank you so much for taking a look at the site. We don’t have any official Ycash logo yet, but some variant of that American Sign Language Letter “Y” logo is under consideration.


The Ycash testnet will be ready on June 7. It will be a chain fork of the Zcash testnet. We’ll make YecWallet and ycashd available a few days before June 7, so that anyone who is interested in participating in the testnet fork can join us.


You are 1.5 years too late, good luck though.

To launch the Ycash testnet, we are forking the Zcash testnet at block height 510,247. Currently, that is scheduled to occur in about 5 hours, but the variance is high due to hash rate fluctuations on the testnet.

If you are interested in joining us on the testnet, here is a TESTNET-ONLY version of YecWallet and ycashd:


The Ycash testnet is now live!


That’s SO 2014, a major investment into a premium domain, the cheapest there is, at $0.99 first year.

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Wow … Speakless …

Slowly but surely i got some sympathies for the Ycash project and thought to join their Discord channel to read a bit and made 3 posts:

  • 1 regarding that it might be good idea to add a channel for wallet questions as more and more questions will arise the closer they get to the fork date.

  • 1 regarding if Suprnova is still supporting it and ready as i think Ocminer is a top programmer and suprnova a top notch mining pool.

  • 1 answer to a guy that mentioned if Zcash will raise in value bevor the fork where i answered that the common scenario with forks/airdrops is just that they raise until they happen and than the most common scenario is that both fall again.

Result: Banned


I guess this is due my critical view towards Ycash in the beginning in this thread.
Really nice. Leaves only 1 conclusion: Even past critical views are not wished at Ycash, leave alone future critic, concerns, questions, whatever.

Good job, i like it when someone reveals his real intention(s) & malice. Maybe we can call such behaviour “Upfront-Censorship” …

Discord is cancer. - I refuse to use it.
I assume it is just a discord mod abusing their power - but still, c’mon.

I really hope they haven’t banned you for some stupid reason, especially because your reasons for being critical of ycash are actually not to do with ycash. why would they turn you away?

@hloo Can you please explain?

I am supposed to be interacting with your team, I do not want to interact with people like this. (I am guessing it is your moderation staff) I understand you are hyper busy because of launch, but please address this issue as soon as you can after launch.

Box will be one of ycash’s biggest supporters if he gets his questions answered in a reasonable manner. - I know this for a fact. Would I get banned for doing the same?

@boxalex I feel for you mate. I really think it is a discord thing. It tends to breed people that seek mod status just to wield it over people and gatekeep. Like Wikipedia and Reddit mods, and blue checkmarks on twitter. Which is why I like this place so much. sure it isn’t super busy, but the core demographic is the one I want to interact with.

The internet is a strange place, if you create a power structure a lot of people will fight for it, even it that power is just having to do free work.

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In the short period i was able to read some discord messages through the various channels i think there was a post that hloo is the only admin there (if i remember right). Not really sure about this one as it wasn’t of much interest for me to give it much attention.
And even if it was a mod what’s the logic behind it? From the 3 posts i made on discord it’s obvious and impossible i broke any rules. 1 was even to improve their discord channel, 1 to admire for the suprnova mining pool which is my favourite one anyway and one a neutral answer to another user who ask for an opinion what happens pricewise with Zcash at forktime.

I would have joined their forum to check out but i’am not aware they have one. Just came across the Discord link and thought i might check it out to see how what’s going on there…

No problem at all. Just makes you wonder for what nowadays transparency, community project and and and stands at all for. IF someone gets banned without a warning, without reason, within 30 minutes i doubt it’s a good place to stay anyway, seriously.

From my limited knowledge you can get banned by people flagging your stuff, so an automatic thing.

I am not going to make our private messages public, but if hloo did do this out of spite he really has dropped the ball.

To show power over you and spite. It may well be someone that knows you from somewhere else, like I said there is a certain breed of discord mod that actively seek out communities - and because of their mod status on other discords and technical knowledge of discord get hired as janitors. These are the people that ban for fun/no reason.

I am very confident this is a discord issue. Please let hloo respond before writing ycash off. (im in no way affiliated with ycash, but I will be doing RandomX testing to see if it might work with it)

Google discord admin abuse to see what I mean. The place is worse than bitcointalk.

I see that Mr. Loo is replying/ typing something up. I’ll wait accordingly for his response so that I have all sides of the story and make logical conclusions.

How is yec priced? How much for one yec/usd?

Ycash has not forked from Zcash yet, it’s about a month away

One benefit of spending a lot of your own hard-earned ZEC to launch a Zcash hard fork is that you are able to play a larger role in shaping the future of the new coin. And that includes setting your own community standards.

The Discord server in question is not a community-run Discord server. It is run by the Ycash Foundation. Currently, I am the sole moderator, although more moderators will be added if traffic increases.

I was under the impression that a user receiving a ban on Discord is able to view the ban reason. I was wrong. I banned @boxalex from the Ycash Foundation’s Discord server for the following reason:

“Excessive posting on Zcash forum, including Ycash Announcement thread. Pattern of posts on Zcash Forum advocating Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (including related to Ycash) without any evidence, based merely on conjecture.”

@boxalex has expressed positive views about Ycash recently, so this has nothing to do with whether someone has positive or negative views about Ycash.

Participation in the Ycash Foundation Discord chat channels is a privilege, not a right. As stated in the pinned message on the “forum-policies” channel of the Discord server (written several weeks ago):

“[D]on’t mistake this Discord server to be a free speech zone.”

Note that @boxalex could have messaged me in private on this forum to inquire about the ban. We could have talked about it and possibly come to some agreement. Instead, he chose to make several public posts about it without first taking the time to get all the facts.

If circumstances change, the ban will be lifted.

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@Shawn @sonya @paige

I think this post says all it needs to say about allowing the Ycash conversation to continue on the Zcash forums.
He is using conversations from the Zcash forums to censor and ban people from (and he has this right, since they belong to him) his Ycash channels. He posted these links for all to use UNLESS his disagree’s with anything you posted then you are banned.

Allowing this thread and him to continue posting things about HIS friendly YCash fork that he created using his hard earned Zec to launch needs to end.

I’m glad that his words and actions are now public record and will follow Ycash for how ever long it exists.

Its funny that @hloo complained in these forums about bullying yet censorship is the biggest form of bullying.