Announcing Ycash, The First "Friendly Fork" of the Zcash Blockchain

The @YcashFoundation Twitter account has been warning people that scams are out there.

They are also stealing Zecs, since they are asking for Zcash private keys. The site looks like the Ycash dot xyz, they said that its a online wallet, and to import the keys there. Luckily for me I had transfer all my Zec out of my wallet incase something like this would happen.

As @sonya mentioned, we’ve been warning users repeatedly on Twitter. We’ve also been warning users via other channels (Discord, Telegram, etc.). That phishing site that you visited isn’t the only site that has copied the authentic Ycash Foundation website. There are others out there, all of them malicious.

There are fake Telegram, Youtube, and Twitter accounts, all malicious and all masquerading as the Ycash Foundation. Every time we report one account and succeed in getting it shut down, another one springs up.


I understand, things happen, just letting people know in case they don’t know like me, I don’t use any social media, so maybe this information should be deliver through other means, maybe directly through the website or youtube videos, since that’s where most people would go when finding information online is difficult. Either way, does anybody know how I can change my private keys, I want to see if I can get donation YEC or ZEC, but I don’t want that to get stolen either. if that is even possible of course


One more thing: I am absolutely certain that the address you posted is the address of an exchange, not the address of the scammer. Thus, I disagree with your conclusion that over 60,000 YEC have been stolen.

If you traced your coins to that exchange address, the scammer likely transferred your coins to an exchange. I suggest you start contacting exchanges (there aren’t that many thus far), and see if they can identify the scammer’s account on the exchange.

Ok will do. I am new to cryptocurrency. Lesson learned

But going back my question. How can I change my private key to YEC and Zec wallets, that we’re exposed?

Since you visited that malicious site, I myself would not trust the computer that was used to visit the site. I would buy a fresh computer and download the latest versions of ZecWallet and YecWallet.

If you don’t want to buy a new computer and you did not use your phone to visit the malicious site, you could instead just install on your phone one of the mobile wallets that support both ZEC and YEC. A list is here:

With those wallets, you’ll be able to create both ZEC and YEC addresses.

What’s the logic behind having a single (or maybe some) users having to deal with an exchange.
One or some single users don’t have any weight at all when dealing with an exchange as they in generally and mostly represent only a fraction of the “stollen/scammed” coins.

Wouldn’t it be better to have the Ycash Foundation officially to work with the exchanges, ask to freeze the amounts and this way to discourage the scammers instead of putting such issue to a single private man which chances of success are about zero in dealing with an exchange?

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I agree with you, Thank you. I think the Ycash foundation Can do more than an individual. And even if I was to trace it back, it would not guarantee me getting anything back, but if the Ycash Foundation does it, then even If the victims do not recover anything, it will prevent the scammers from stealing more coins.

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Buy a new computer ? Really ?

Ycash must have brought in a lot of $$$.
You can’t be serious about that, I think the assumption that everybody can buy a new computer when compromised is bogus.
And if there are indeed a lot of false phisingsites , it’s the foundations task to take them down, and if indeed funds that were stolen , went through Exchanges ( and since their are not that much ) In my opinion it’s the foundation that also has to reach out to stop this scam as quick as possible.
Maybe your power is a little greater in this regard then that of a single user. And in case the foundation doesn’t archive anything more then the average Joe, you can at least show you put effort in and it concerns you too.


I think @sonya that Twitter in the States is different from where I live. FB , Twitter and that kind of social media are used here for people I call keyboard hooligans. I myself wouldn’t take shizzle on Twitter that serieus. So a lot of people I think will not go on Twitter for information. I myself wouldn’t , can’t take it serieus, and when I see the tweets of a mister Trump from the states, I myself know that I can’t take that news Outlet serieus.

So it may be on Twitter, but I think that the main website should be the nr 1 for news around Ycash and the rest is in my opinion just complimentary . Just my 0.636363 Zec


@JC-YEC, I am going to send you a private message with the contact information of the exchange that you may want to contact. If you share with them the relevant transactions, they may be able to identify the malicious actor’s exchange account.

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4 exchanges trading ycash now

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I have some ZEC in Trezor, how to claim Ycash?

For some options, see:

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Hey, Ycashers! I’m happy to see the development plan you recently posted. Some of those (especially the viewing keys work) might be re-usable for Zcash software. I hope the work goes well! :slight_smile:


How’s ycash doing? Price is so low…hashrate is dropping also its not even profitable to mine…

You can track some of the projects that we are working on here:


Looks nice,

You are really doing some good stuff. btw

I do not work or am in anyway connected with ycash, except that I have already offered to make my PoW research available to them, RandomX - for no cost

Yes it has, you just haven’t seen the results yet :wink: [I have also got some basic progpow stuff and an asic friendly algo that works with harmony mining.]

Seriously though, I will pass over all my work when you are ready for it.

You have made some really nice progress on the tech you have been working on. keep up the good work.