Another chance for Zcash missed



That would be a nice 1 :slight_smile:


Not really - the deal was acquired through Globee who got funded by the Monero community. It was much more of Globee directly attempting to support Monero than Fortnite reaching out for private transactions :slight_smile:



Tim Sweeney is the CEO of the Fortnite company:

This reminds me of:


People are talking about this on Reddit right now. It’s strange because unlike Dash’s KFC fiasco, for two days Globee was actually accepted as a payment method on Fortnite merch :thinking:

Guess we have to wait to see what actually went on…




Oh oh now it’s getting juicy =)



on this one… I am glad this chance was lost… although purchasing 10.3 million USD in Zcash would bring the price up a little.


that $10 million ransom is basically the total 24 hour volume for XMR.


Ahaha are there a lot of gamers?


Yes there are A LOT of gamers… Billions upon BILLIONS of dollars are spent by people who play games.