Backup .dat issue ZecWallet Lite 1.3.3 for Mac

Backup .dat issue ZecWallet Lite 1.3.3 for Mac

Currently using 1.3.3 but I had a backup wallet.dat saved a couple versions back, maybe created during version 1.3.1, or possibly a few months before that. I cant remember. Recently, I made a few T2Z, and Z2Z transactions using 1.3.3 to myself within the main wallet already in the Zcash directory folder. I also left a small balance on that main wallet. For a test, I shut down the app, and moved this wallet to the desktop. I then moved the backup wallet into the Zcash directory folder and started the app and I get the following issues…

  1. The dashboard tab shows a zero balance, even though there was a balance.
  2. The send tab also shows a zero balance, even though there was a balance. In the amount field, if I try to enter an amount, it says in red “Amount Exceeds Balance” and can not send anything.
  3. The receive tab did not immediately show my last received shielded address that was used and I know I received a transaction to that address. But When I click “New Shielded Address” then that known receive address comes up next. -strange
  4. The transactions tab does show all the real transaction history including the tested “to myself” transactions with the known receive addresses and everything.

Has anyone or the Developers tried or can do a similar test? Is there an incompatibility issue with the different versions? A bit concerned, as I would love to store shielded.

You can always restore your wallet by using the seed.

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It’s generally not a good idea to backup/restore the lightwallet’s .dat files, since the lightwallet is meant to be backed up and restored with just the seed phrase.

If you do copy/replace the .dat file, please rescan the wallet to make sure that all the wallet transactions are scanned properly.