Backup Problems Filename changing on its own


i was using the Wallet for about 5 weeks without any problems. Unfortunaly i had to make a new Win 10 install on my pc so i copied the wallet.dat file to a usb stick. After installing the new Win 10 i installed also a new zcash4win wallet. Then i deleted the new “wallet.dat” and imported my old “wallet.dat” file instead. After starting the wallet again i could see how the “wallet.dat” renamed itself to “wallet.1516753186.bak” and the wallet fail to start. There is only the message “deamon is taking longer to start than expected”.

Any suggestions what could be wrong here?

If you google the daemon taking longer than expected to start then you should find some solutions on it. Ive seen the topics myself but cant remember the fix

Thx for your answer. But i guess the question is why the wallet.dat file is renaming by itself. If it wouldn´t change the name on it´s own there would not be a “longer to start than expected” issue

I will try to backup my wallet on different pc tomorrow or day after. Im having problems also…