Best GPU for ZEC/ETH? (No electricity cost)

Best I’ve got out of my 1080ti is 36mh. you’d have to be a bit insane to mine eth with these cards given the difficulty. I switched to Zec full time back in March.

Getting almost 800 sol/s is a no brainer. Best ZEC GPU, right?

Yeah, i mine zec with them, just did a test for the thread.
Still, its good to know that the gpu will perform good in other algos when shi* hit the fan :slight_smile:

Actually I think I made up my mind about making a rig with 1080 Ti’s. Did some calculations and the investment gets paid off faster than with 1070’s. I’m between Zotac AMP!, Aorus and Gigabyte (Strix is like $70 more expensive and don’t know if it’ll make a difference). I’m excited! Poor in the near future, but excited :smiley:

I only buy ti :slight_smile:
but 1070s are great too

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Crypto! I don’t know if to get Zotac AMP!, Gigabyte/gigabyte Aorus, EVGA SC or MSI gaming X. Whichever you tell me it’s best, I’ll do!

My Ti is Palit Jetstream and very happy with them as they were same price as the horrible reference leaf blowers yet heat sink is good on them.

Can’t seem to find these on Amazon, since it’s my only source to ship them over to my country.

I am between Zotac AMP (non extreme), Gigabyte or Aorus,
but wouldn’t know which is best, or most overclockable / tweakable.

I buy gigabyte aorus

but im really not sure which is best. i bought it because i usually buy gigabyte nvidia, and it jhust fit my case the best if i choose to watercool it in the future… the zotac extreme and msi were too fat.

but any should be good i would think… but yeah, i didnt look into which card was better because it was the width dimensions that worried me

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Zotac just went OOS, FML

What about PNY? It seems to have good cooling, but clock speeds seem rather low (1645 boost speed)
I wish I could afford the Strix, I’ve heard great things about it.

If you can find r9 390x you get 30+eth and 400+ zcash ofcourse they puls loads of watt. You will need more bigger PSUs and get way more heat then with 1070/1080.

Well, I learnt from news that there was economic crisis in Venezuela few months before. The government restricted electricity use for residents. How about now?

Power often goes out every few days for some hours which is very frustrating, but for the most part (in the residential areas) its been alright. Though electricity is least of our worries haha finding food is pretty hard but thats a while different story. My mining plans are to someday emigrate to a good country

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Hola Carlos. Que has escuchado de la GPU gtx 1070 Zotac mini? Rinde igual que una gtx normal y se le puede hacer OC?

Do you have stats for other coins / hashes too? I am wondering about 1080 Ti for Zcash, but I would like to have some alternative, just in case.

@drx3brun no idea, just shared number of what i actually mine/tried

Hi Cryptohminer (and everyone else),
I’m new to mining. This topic was quite helpful for me to create my firsr rig. So thanks to all contriubeters.
Can I ask which OS you are using? and the driver versions?
I have 7 GPU rig with 6 1070 asus strix rog and a zotac 1060. I’m getting total around 2700 sol/s.
If I do some overclock with nicehash, miner restarts itsefl occasioanly and it is not efficient. 1070s are around 400 sol/s.
Do you think it is normal?
Any advice to increase hashrate?

I keep everything stock and mine using EWBF’s CUDA Zcash miner (430sol/s)

Link to the miner

You could also try this (lower power while maintaining approx same hash)
80% Power/TDP
+100 Core
+100 or 200 Memory

FYI, i am not an expert and i am sure the helpful people in this forum will have more accurate info.


Thank for sharing :slight_smile:

Disculpa responderte tarde. Estaba considerando la zotac mini, pero parece que no se pueden overclockear mucho, y como en Venezuela la electricidad es muy barata, quiero hacerle OC lo más que pueda y sacarle más hashes. Yo compré la zotac AMP, vamos a ver qué tal. Que otras opciones tienes?