Binance login alert

I got this email from an exchange site. They are writing me to tell me someone logged in to my binance account at :clock1130: 00:13.

I’m pretty confused on how this could’ve happend, I don’t even have a binance account…

its called a PHISHING email, … look at the link they gave you to contact them immediately, its a spin off site.

this should have been even more obvious since you said you don’t even have an account.

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zendesk phishing?
both domains check out…

@johnwisdom if, as the original poster said “I don’t even have a binance account…”, it is a phishing email.

Each one is managed by two different cloud based domain companies, in two different countries, registtrar’s are different. According to whois and ARIN there are not associated with each other at all (domain associations or alias’s).

Cloud based sites get jacked or redirected all the time, ever been reading the news on any known news site and all of a sudden you are on a restricted or known phishing site or it wants to download a file on your system?? Your connection was redirected.