BITMAIN Real Name Authentication


@boxalex this isn’t a problem for us in the US, it’s a problem for those in authoritarian dictatorships. Actually, those of us in the US aren’t really impacted at all, other than confirming what they already have.

Personally, I think Zcash has a massive potential to disrupt dictatorships globally if it gives those oppressed people access to an uncensored, opaque payment network.


The biggest issue with that is how to get those people ZEC without either mining it or entering through some trading gateway. How does a mother in Venezuela who needs to buy milk get it, or the farmer in Africa? How do I get it and protect my anonymity, too?


Mission impossible in my opinion.

As soon as you have a shop in a coountry with let’s say dictatorship, as soon as you pay for something in a shop no anonymity is granted anymore.

Otherwise it would be easy, as soon as you have a milkshop that takes crypto you can get crypto there.

And seriously, i have no idea how to grant that either, all i know it won’t happen that the poor african farmer is going to buy/hold ever a bitcoin, nor the mother in venezuela trying to buy milk with zcash is going to mine Zec…

The main problem in my opinion, IF we talk really about poor people is that they neither have the hardware to mine, nor fiat to buy, hence mission impossible in my opinion.


I traveled across HKG and Mainland China, they already have my Identity, I am OK with this kind of verification.


Received my notification overnight.

This amicably resolved my internal question regarding whether or not BITMAIN would hold pre-purchased orders hostage until I entered the additional personal details they’ve requested.


Mission difficult, not impossible!


So is Bitmain holding my Z9 Mini hostage for KYC or not? I ordered it a month ago and paid in full with LTC. Still hasn’t been shipped but some have already. Maybe they gave in and sent in their passport photos. I really don’t want to send it unless it is absolutely necessary. Could someone please confirm this?


They get shipped out over a week or more. I wouldn’t worry until at least the middle of next week. I saw one person post he didn’t fill it out and it shipped. The policy is not supposed to take effect until Sep 24th.


Which is why it is so important to keep zec, monero and other privacy coins. They do not suffer from this issue.


They begun to ship allready. While i did fill the KYC, which isn’t approved yet, i got a notification that 2 miners are on the way.
Pretty sure your miners will be shipped as well the next 7 days.


Than you must use it only online. As soon as you enter a shop anonymity is just gone, that’s what i wanted to say. With paying in a shop it actually doesn’t matter much if it’s BTC, ZEC or whatever, privacy is just gone…


It’s Wednesday and still no shipment notification from Bitmain. The order was placed end of July so I’m thinking I was one of the last of batch 2. Ships from Aug 24-Sept 4. I’ll be crossing my fingers.


I ordered mid july and got a notification this morning.


If you are one of the last of batch 2 than you should count on 3rd or 4th Sept. shipping…


I was in that group and got all 4 of mine today. UPS duties were $480 for 2 and DHL was $55 for 2. Damn Trump.


So far I only had to pay tariffs on 2 out of 6 miners via UPS ($300+). These were divided into 4 shipments so it looks like 2 or more have to pay. Had I known that earlier I would have ordered one at a time. :smile:


Yeah it seems DHL was vastly cheaper


you pay a little more in shipping with DHL but if you get hit with the import tax, its less. Mine broke down to $9.18 each


Finally received my Z9 Mini yesterday without giving in to KYC. Still had to pay $152 cad to DHL for sales tax since I’m in Canada. It was sent from Hong Kong which probably wouldn’t make any difference with tariffs and all. We’ll be getting screwed in other ways anyways.

Feeling tempted to get another Z9 Mini. Not sure if they’ll KYC me this time before sept 24. The memo said customers who registered before August 24 don’t need to send in their passports. Not sure if that’s true.:thinking:


According to the email we all got a while back, it states that the transition period between Aug 24th and Sep 24th relates to “purchases”. I can’t see anywhere in the email that it relates to “shipping”. I’ve yet to authenticate (probably never will), and I’ve been able to purchase after Aug 24th.

Most likely, they’ll just shut down the purchase option of your account after Sep 24th if you skip authentication while continue to ship already fulfilled orders.