Bug& Feature Request URI

Hello zcash Forum:

First, thank you to the ZCash team for this project. I feel that it is a solid step forward for crypto-currency.

Is there is a bugzilla or feature request site? Can you provide the URL/URI?

I would like to be able to do the following with the official zcashd:

  1. Run zcashd in daemon mode on multiple machines
  2. Simultaneously have each of these daemons participate in mining pools like flypool.org -- or even better yet one run by the zcash project itself.

Couldn't get the most recent version for zcashd in the deb repository to participate in flypool so had to go the nheqminer route to use the pool but would like to just use the primary zcahd daemon/package from the zcash project as both a node and pool participant.

Again, thanks for this project. Kindly advise on the above items.


Use the github site. You can create issues there.

Thanks! Just what I was looking for.

Opened new issue 1913 requesting enhanced pool participation reliability, solo fall back while maintaining target wallet for mining results and persistent recovery back to the pool. I hope the project looks upon the request favorably.