Calculating total CPUs from Hashrate Diff

Let’s just say no one is running GPU miners

What would the total mid-high range CPUs mining be with a diff of 2-5-10-25-40-80-100 ?

Is there some equation I can do ?

The number of 2013 to 2015 desktop equivalents using DDR3 1600 MHz on the network is about 1.25 x the difficulty. I measured this by the percentage blocks I obtained when mining with 5 of them over the course of 3 days. The difficulty averaged 55. There were about 1750 block issued. I got 125 of them.

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Im curious because one m4.large instance Im running hasnt found a block for 530 blocks which is around 24hrs.

Even at current 80 diff that would mean 1 in every 100 blocks. Something strange like a time warp is happening today vs previous days.

No, today my block collection is good. First use top to see if zcashed is at the top and using 400% CPU and the % RAM occasionally swings to to indicate 750 MB x 4. If not, the miner is not running right.

Check your zcash.conf then kill zcashd with
p=$(pidof zcashd); kill -9 $p
Then restart.

If you still have a problem show us these:

zcash-cli getinfo
lsof -i | grep zcashd

100% CPU on Amazon monitoring dashboard and getinfo is synced and fluctuating.

Sounds like 1 core. You have genproclimit=4 in zcash.conf? Check that, stop, then restart.

m4.large = 2 core 8gb ram

I thought m4 meant 4 cores were available. Anyway, 2 cores in past 24 hours would have averaged 4 blocks. You were likely unlucky. Check the following to see if you have unconfirmed blocks not yet showing (less than 100 confirmations)

zcash-cli listunspent

Use top to confirm 200% CPU.