Can ZEC handle incorrectly date created addreses?

I have noticed something strange happening on the zcash blockchain in relation addresses which hold a yec balance, but have never been used on the zcash network.

There are now accounts in the zec blockchain, that have never received a transaction nor spent one. However they have a creation date of 1st jan 1970 and last seen date/time the same - Unixtime… wtf happens if I send that address some zec? can zec handle accounts that are created before zec launch?

What I think is happening is people are importing keys that have never been used on the zcash chain, transferring yec to it, thus leaving some artefact on the zcash chain.

Is this an issue?

What about if people are using the same privkey on both networks? i.e. they want to send some zec, it uses a change address with a 1970 date, - wont this get rejected by the blockchain, or are their no checks on account dates? also what happens when unixtime rolls over? its not that far away, not for something like this anyway.

Sorry if these questions are stupid. I was just looking into people deshileding themselves and noticed this - Now I can just crawl the zec blockchain for accounts created in 1970 and bang, I have your t-t addresses linked, (and any new ones you might create on yec, I think, idk, I don’t have any and I don’t think buying any would help me test this, but if someone wants to send me a couple of yec to test with I can send them back after.)

I don’t even know if this is new behaviour, I have just never seen accounts with 1970 as the date, even the initial address created.

Don’t really know who to tell/ask about this. @str4d (I know its sunday, sorry for @ing you) any idea? @hloo maybe I should @ you too. Im not sure if this is a yec thing, a wallet thing, a zec thing or just me going slightly mad.

The only thing I can find in common is these addresses have a YEC balance but no ZEC balance.

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That sounds like a block explorer glitch/error. Which one are you using?

I’d guess this was an issue with the block explorer, since the zcash protocol has no concept of dates associated with addresses. Zec is sent to/from addresses and keys, irrespective of when they were created. For example. You can create an address offline with zecpaperwallet and start using it, without ever disclosing when you created it.