Candidacy for Major Grants Review Committee

Hi all,

Zcash can empower everyone, including the unbanked, the oppressed, and the disenfranchised. But how are those people going to use Zcash if it requires being technologically sophisticated? We have work to do, and the major grants review committee has a great opportunity to fund development that can make Zcash easier for all to use.

Some development projects I’d like to see tackled through major grants:

  • Systems that use and build on human-readable accounts. i.e. ZECpages or tools on par with Ethereum’s ENS domains. PayPal processed over $700 billion in 2019 just because they use human-readable accounts.

  • Mobile wallets that integrate the Flexa payments network. Imagine instantly paying with shielded ZEC at mainstream retailers like Dunkin Donuts, Lowe’s, and GameStop.

  • Easier ways to purchase ZEC. i.e. more cryptoATMs like Lamassu that support Zcash. One of the first questions newcomers ask is ‘how do i get some?’

  • Friendlier ways for merchants to accept Zcash on their websites. i.e. a checkout plugin that lets a buyer select ‘Pay With Zcash’ instead of CoinPayments or Coinbase Commerce.

  • Support for those who have built on top of t-addresses to retool to z-addresses. Funding for libraries, disclosure keys, and view keys.

  • Anything else I’m not thinking of that helps normal people use Zcash so that this technological treasure can truly empower everyone with economic freedom.

I welcome suggestions or questions.

Cheers, Eric


@_eric I have added a link your thread to the top post in the Megathread. I also adjusted your post category to be under “governance” with the other candidates. Good Luck!