Claymore miner has Open CL call about an hour of mining

Claymore miner has Open CL calls about an hour of mining .... multiple GPUS reporting errors

This just started happening when I put a sixth AMD 7950 card in

All the other 5 cards are RX 480s

I am using Claymore miner, 4GB RAM, 1200 watt eveo PSU.

Please help with some options

Did you use afterburner for OC also? Did you set manually different settings for that card? Try different startup parameters like DAG creating with one by one.

All the GPUS are stock standard.... no overcloking or under undervolting at all.
I have reduced the intensity to 6 and have not seen the problem again yet... still getting the same hash rate

What Does DAG stand for?

DAG is for Ethereum mining not ZEC - I've never used old generation cards mixed with new generation cards, so can't help you there as I'm not sure if that setup works...

Does the 7950 work for longer than an hour if you mine with only that card with the others disconnected?