Coin Holder Polling - Instructions

It only costs 0.001 ZEC to make a ZECpages vote. Roughly $0.11 per vote. What stops a person from sending in 100 or even 1000 votes?

Maybe it’s related to the questions asked… They are basically Y/N questions. The only useful outcome I can see is the percentage of Y vs N. With ZecPages polling, one can easily vote multiple times.

It only costs 0.001 ZEC to make a ZECpages vote. Roughly $0.11 per vote. What stops a person from sending in 100 or even 1000 votes?

Nothing. Just like nothing stop people from participating a thousand times in the “Coin Holder Polling”, and we keep hearing that every little vote (e.g., even of 0.0001 ZEC according to @stickyplot above) matters. What’s the difference?

Maybe it’s related to the questions asked… They are basically Y/N questions. The only useful outcome I can see is the percentage of Y vs N.

Yeah. Personally I care more about open-ended textual comments (regardless of whether they’re on zecpages, the forum or the t-address coin-weighted voting) than the tallying Y/N votes when the weights are absurdly biased.

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Indeed. Would be nice to have an succinct summary linked.

Anyone can start a poll, feel free to start one on ZECpages. My point was not particularly accurate on some aspects, but one. The one on the importance to take action instead of complaining.

Ideally balance both:

  • I find this poll tedious (constructive criticism)
  • I will take the time to vote even if it is unclear whether it will make a difference (willingness to give it a chance)

I personally liked the voting procedure. Transparent but secretive. Not very fast, but no juggling.


By analogy with SMS voting? Then it cannot be considered a weighted vote. The weight should be determined by the number of coins, not the number of votes.

Results of Coin Holder Polling with one day left to Vote

1e apologize for this poll; 2e apologize for this poll; 3y
1A; 2C; 3Y
1B; 2E A trustless bridge to Secret Network, providing private cross-chain DEX, NFTs, smart contracts with one project; 3Y
1A; 2A; 3Y
1D; 2B 100% pure Swiss made POS; 3Y
1B Swiss Made POS; 2A; 3Y
1A; 2B; 3Y
1c; 2b; 3Y;
1D; 2C; 3Y
1B; 2D; 3Y
1B; 2A
1D; 2C; 3Y
1D; 2E Marketing and visibility; 3Y
1D; 2C; 3Y


I love that ZEC users have both options for ZECpages polls versus this kind of coin-weighted poll. ZECpages approach is way better in terms of usability right now, and I love how easy it is for anyone to construct a poll there. I think we can make coin-weighted polling similarly usable in the future.

Usability aside, the primary difference is hopefully obvious to everyone:

  • In a ZECpages poll voters pay to vote. They do not keep their ZEC.
  • In a coin-weighted poll, voters keep their ZEC.

Think about the difference for yourself:

  • How much would you pay to express your preference?
  • How much would you reveal (while keeping ownership of it) to express your preference?
  • How do those answers compare to other options like signing up for a forum account or joining the CAP and then participating there?

Obviously anyone posting here has already taken the step to sign up on the forum, but I do note several people have recently joined the forum claiming that they’ve been long time ZEC holders but never previously joined the forums. How many people are in that category?


Hey all, I’ve written up a poll tally script to process the results. That codebase lives in GitHub - nathan-at-least/tally-coin-poll: A script to tally ZEC coin-holder poll results.

There may be some bugs or snags still, but I invite anyone who wants to run this with their own zcashd instance to tally the results locally.

And remember, there’s a very convenient way to glance at the raw vote memos as they roll in with the Viewing Key and 's useful Viewing Key tool feature, as described in the original post.


Thanks for setting this up. Voted :owl: :sunglasses:


About six hours left!

The poll ends approximately 23:59 UTC.

Ok, folks, here’s my attempt to make a spreadsheet that tallies the results:

Poll Results Spreadsheet

It should update each block, up until the cutoff / snapshot height of 1410115. It may very well have bugs or flaws, so double check the results.

Also, as a reminder, there are still approximately 4.5 hours left for results to change. If you haven’t participated yet, or want to change your vote preferences, now’s the time!


Thanks for doing this!


To the person who has voted the following:

All the other options (a,c,d) have potential positive impacts on ZEC. However, after reading posts and interviews, and hearing discussions among Zooko and others, I believe that Zooko has the best interest of ZEC and indeed, all people, in his choices. His opinion should be followed. 3Y

My opinion is that we should not take Zooko for granted. He brought us this far and will probably bring us much further, but token holders need not only to HODL and TRUST; we need to take actual control.

It’s much better to do this smoothly and progressively than wait for the inevitable day when Zooko won’t be there for us. Vitalik has done this very well. He remains a key voice in the ecosystem as it should be, but Ethereum is really led, in part, by the Ethereum Magicians.

btw, I really liked and appreciated this token holders vote. It’s a good starting point. Among the few things we could maybe improve is enable delegation, so people with tokens but not much understanding can delegate their vote to those will less tokens but more understanding. A simple answer of “delegate: t1YscQkLsyT1CroDcq6FXY677PcAc7VzgcS” could do.


What makes You think that people who have a lot of ZEC understand it less than people who don’t have it? It is presumptuous and not humble to suggest such things. I am glad that such a whale came and said what I wanted to hear. I bought Zcash because I trust a team of professionals. Or I don’t trust them, and then I don’t buy ZEC. If one of us thinks that he understands better than the team, then we have the opportunity to express ourselves in topics, in our blogs, etc. When I wanted to influence decisions, I did just that. People read our arguments and take this or that position. This is an excellent mechanism for the influence of those who have fewer coins on those who have more. If they didn’t choose your arguments, then they weren’t convincing enough and you don’t understand ZEC as well as you think.

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My apologies if I have mistakenly implied this. I do not mean such thing at all. I was making a point that if one wants to delegate their vote, it could be useful to “officially” support such option. This person has essentially decided to delegate part of their vote to Zooko.


I’ll be honest, just registered in this forum to answer to this post. I haven’t participated in the pool neither. I have a considerable sum of zec and wouldn’t based on anything that was discussed.

  1. if I’m a holder it’s pretty much due ECC involvement in the development.
    I do understand ZF and ZOMG roles (and thank god for them) but don’t think that without ECC manpower we would be where we are today.
  2. it’s no secret that we all believe that we must somehow be in charge since we bought/invest/whatever you want to call it but the vast majority has no 1) technical knowledge 2) inside knowledge about potential partnerships/ potential retail demand.

How I see it is: the decisions can be made by the entire community if the community is provided with all the facts, this poll is ok to understand where some fate lies but that’s pretty much that.
I don’t think it makes sense to vote in something without knowledge of possible development dependencies, technical effort in each one and most important, real impact.

I’ll assume everyone here has the same goal of improving and enhance zcash network and the only reason why most of this arguments are daily raised is due the weak price movements.
In any other project, zebra and nu5 would be major improvements that could leverage the network for infinite possibilities, when I read this forum looks like it’s not enough and only see people flaming each other.


That’s a fair point of view. Personally I find it critical to have all key members of this project having a voice and a way of steering the project. Key members being founders, employees, token holders, community members, or even outsiders at times (Vitalik, etc).

Those who don’t have a clue should maybe refrain from voting. Those who are following from a distance and trust specific members could delegate their vote to them. And those who are following things closely enough could certainly vote themselves.

ECC is and will very likely remain a fundamental piece of the project, just like Zooko is an awesome lead of the project and hopefully will remain so for a long time. Still, we should prepare for alternatives should they ever be needed, and they most certainly will eventually.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

btw, as a token holder with a “considerable sum of zec”, maybe you will find the following interesting:

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