Coinbase being a Di.k to me

So i created an account and was filling everything up with real data, and apparently I have to lie for coinbase to believe me. So I uploaded my Drivers licence that is issued in Iceland but I have moved to norway. OH snap my ID validation failed because the drivers licence country does not match my profile´s country.WTF? i am stuck…the support does not have a way around this I think…i was just pissed. at the same time this is hilarious! xD
I cant change my country in my profile because I have not validated the ID thingy. this account was a failure!

Id verification failed for me too, just link your bank account

What would you do if you didn’t have a bank account?

Not too sure about laws in norway, but id say update your drivers license and that should update you into their dept of revenue (or norways equivalent) with updated picture I assume, you may be able to do it online, you can here in the states. They may accept a prepaid debit, i know they take regular debit.

If you have a trusted friend they might sell you an equivalent of what cryptocurrency you want and bypass coinbase altogether, thats about all i can think of

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