partners with Western Union

This is a gateway to introduce cryptocurrency to OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) who does not know anything about Bitcoin.

Now, the country’s leaders have been working to become legendary in the crypto space. They have developed several policies aimed at boosting its image as a crypto-friendly country. This partnership with Western Union could help it considerably.

I’m hoping Zcash to be listed at

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10 million Overseas Filipino Workers

The wallet and EX dont support Zcash but still pretty cool!

When the OFW sends money thru Western Union wherever in the world they may be, the recipient receives this money via CP with the app as PHP ( Philippine Currency).
The app is very useful as it allows the user to pay electric bills, property taxes and etc back home.

What is the catch?

The PHP wallet at is side by side with BTC, BCH, ETH and XRP - free advertisement.
I really don’t care what technology they use, the above listed cryptocurrencies and PHP will merge.
And just like Dogecoin, lucky to be dancing with the stock market at the Robinhood app.

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