Connection and GPU errors

I’m getting alot of connection errors and now had a problem with the GPU’s , I also seem to be getting these when using ccminer aswell, it could be the USB wifi dongle as my other 2 x 1080ti rig has no issues. Although I had a problem recently with it not picking up the 6th GPU until i swapped the riser. Any ideas?

My Rig

celeron G3930
4gb ram
asus prime-a
6 x MSI gaming x 1080ti
6 x usb sata risers
2 x 1200w P2 EVGA



Usually those are either invalid ones (bad hash by the GPU) or stale (good hash but data has already been solved)

Do a simple test if you can…move a GPU from a riser and put it on the MB.
…for example if GPU5 always gives rejected shares…move that to a slot on the MB see if it makes difference.
Keep same OC settings.