Core i7 6700k or Core i7 5820k?

Which one should i get on which motherboard?


Difficulty questions to answer,if it's just for mining don't get ether there to expensive and not needed for mining,if you are building a gaming pc used for mining also I was in same situation and after research I went with 5820K with its 6 cores and overclocking headroom plus support for quad channel memory,fantastic CPU but 6700k is cool to my 5820k gets 40s/s and from what I have read it's more than the 6700 although to little for mining now so I didn't use,I bought Asus strix to go with it as it was new and had loads of features and good price for x99 platform.

an i3+rx470 much better for mining
and cheaper than a single i7 :wink: