CUDA error on gtx1070 (but on another working)

Sorry for my Eng :wink:
When i start nheqminer 0.5c on computer with win 10, i7 6 core and Asus Strix gtx1070 all work fine.
When i start this program on my old computer with win 10, c2q and gtx750 ti I must add -cv 1 and work (slow, but working)
When i put to my old computer new MSI gtx1070, install new graphic driver, i have this error “CUDA error ‘misaligned address’ in func ‘eq_cuda_context::solve’ line 988”
I try reinstall drivers, rebooting systems, update system, using another version nheqminer, using all -cd, cv, cx etc, kissing my computer, kicking my computer, and all time is this error…
Any suggestion?

Google don’t known this error :frowning: