Current peak memory consumption?

With the latest parameters of cash z8 (n=200, k=9), what is the theoretical (or practical) peak memory consumption in MB?

Or alternatively, how big does the hash table get (as in “how many hashes”)?

In practice, I see it use up to 700 MB per core in cycles of every 2 minutes or so. This will likely change in future.

When you say “will likely change in the future”, do you mean that the parameters n=200 and k=9 are not fixed yet and might change or do you mean that because of optimisations we might see a different memory footprint?

I thought that n=200 and k=9 are fixed now.

I thought n=200 and k=9 were not fixed. I could easily be mistaken on that. If they are fixed then I think memory max will likely remain the same, but the sorting might change and the threading is supposed to change.