🦸‍♀️ Cypherpunk Zero NFT Megathread

Zec used for airdrop rewards can be obtained through foundation application and secondary market making, which need to be done by the government. We cooperate with promotion and publicity.

What you said made me sad. I will consider selling it.

cz nft will be working hard as planned
cz nft has unleashed a lot of consideration for community members
If we don’t wait, who will?
Our impatience will sadden the developers of rosenhvl and cznft universe
Let’s wait until the time is right.

@rosenthvl opensea.io verification? Update?

The concept of a one time Shielded Zcash airdrop to all CZ-NFT owners is great, but the technical way to make it happen seems impossible to do safely (such that there are no exploits)


wouldn’t this be pretty easy, just use the nft to sign or post on-chain a shielded address? The air dropper could also use view keys to show they fulfilled every/only posted address


That would be easy but it would be easily exploited by one or a few dozen exploiters that would redistribute single CZ-NFTs to potentially hundreds of new Eth-addresses corresponding to hundreds of new shielded Zcash addresses all making claim for a free shielded Zcash airdrop.

Although we’ve not seen a formal analysis of the original public CZ-NFT mint distribution, it is obvious that multiple actors exploited the mint events and then aggregated their CZ-NFTs to common ETH addresses. Along the way I have noted at least a couple of aggregator addresses who wound up holding more than 100 CZ-NFTs that had been minted and transferred only (20 NFTs was the conceptual maximum allowed per person)


Check out the bubblemaps dashboard on this. You can see clusters of several entities minting more than 100 NFTs each. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Any word about rewards/promos for NFT holders yet?


Hey everyone :slight_smile:
Please show support for our next space!
We will be discussing the DAO’s working constitution and the next steps!


There is so much ask about what the CZ NFT will deliver to its holders, this is nothing new when one takes a look at the whole NFT space.

Honestly, imo, the NFT space seems to be riddled with greed and self interest. The projects that I have investigated seem to lean towards paid community members and other psyops tactics to make the NFTs seem valuable. In short, these projects are run by a few who seek to extract fiat from their followers like parasites.

Cypherpunk Zero is different.

Cypherpunk Zero is different because Zcash has always been about contributing to the public good, hence the community has a similar spirit. As a community we need to stay vigilant and be aware not to be corrupted by the influences some parts of the NFT culture might introduce to our collective’s space.

I challenge my fellow CZNFTs holders to give one of your CZNFTs to a fellow community member who does not have one yet.

To date I have given away 3 CZNFTs in total to my fellow community members and one to charity. And to underline that I believe this to be important for us as a community, I will give away yet another CZ NFT to a fellow community member.

Cheers :beers:


I don’t think it’s healthy to focus on scam projects when comparing CZ NFTs while asking people to perform charity.

You are entitled to your opinion. And imo this is not an act of “performing charity”, its about rallying around values and principles.

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I’ll be giving away Cypherpunk Zero #602

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Recently, I saw the incident of stepn’s ape realm. Is there any guarantee that holders who receive NFTs for free will participate in the activities of the DAO community?

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No, I don’t think there’s any guarantee on anything when it comes to community development. It’s on the Cypherpunk Zero community to gather around ideas and tell the world about it. The question of whether they participate or not, is another matter altogether.


I apologize for the length…
Paying members to hold a CZNFT kinda defeats the purpose IMO. The community should be focused on providing value by creating stories, narratives, etc to encourage others to consider the ramifications of where technology could lead.

I’m not an expert in anything and I’m totally new to this CZNFT community thanks to brocktakeshi, I am one of the ppl who received a CZNFT. Everything here this is my own two cents and I am totally down for criticism.

I believe the value of a Zcash focused NFT DAO should stem from our ability to use language and creativity to stoke the imaginations of all people… where could surveillance society lead? Is it cool to allow data vampires to feed off your personal data? What could be the consequences of data brokers selling your data to potential bad actors (whether Russians, Chinese, Americans, or whoever)? Could “soul-bound” or “marked” identities be 100% bad? Probably not, but could it be bad under the control of totalitarianism? Probably.

I really like the idea of CZNFT comic books or something to create stories to awaken the mind.

With enough creative juices and collaborative focus on the goal of encouraging ‘privacy’, we could change the world and create economic freedom for all, while still achieving the positive outcomes which Blockchain/Bitcoin/Zcash seeks.


How were some people able to mint so many NFTs?

Weren’t only like 4 given out during the free minting period?

Don’t know about you guys, but I find value from the NFTs just from the art and community affiliation. Hopefully zcash community members learn to appreciate these abstract concepts or acquire new members who do. I just see a lot of people trying to figure out how to add “value” to their NFTs so they can be worth more money on opensea


@particlmike33 this was in the initial mint in the second round it was possible to mint 16 per wallet. Some players took advantage in both the first and second round and claimed, I believe, 100+ of NFTs.

@Yaro I think you nailed it with the first sentence. Appreciate the art and community affiliation and thats what its all about. Besides the abstract concepts art and community affiliation take on concrete forms, they are more than abstract concepts. So I take the liberty here to say that we hope that these NFTs gives us a new way to come together and bring in new members into the Zcash Ecosystem.