Cypherpunk Zero NFT Public Release

Hi @rosenthvl, this is a great initiative! I’m relatively new to the Zcash community and still figuring things out… I think I may have accidentally sent a duplicate submission :face_with_diagonal_mouth: - I really hope I don’t get automatically disqualified, it was a newbie mistake, thought the first transaction had failed.


@carlosgc Welcome! No stress—shouldn’t be a problem.


I sent a transaction from ZEC Wallet and my balance did update but the transaction never showed. An hour later I used Nighthawk and went right through. So yes, hopefully there is a filter just in case you get two transactions from me.


Think anyone who tried using Zecwallet Lite is in the same boat. I’m surprised! Have used Zecwallet Lite many times and never had any issues.

FWIW the first transaction that I thought had failed initially eventually did appear in Zecwallet Lite. After I already re-sent it multiple times. :smiley:


I had a problem too. Also there is no transaction in the list. I don’t know if she left or not. I’m assuming this is a glitch with the ZecWallet quick sync feature.

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Hi, I added more to the memo than just the eth address, does this still count? Or would it be adviced to send a new one with only the address?

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No issues with Ywallet either, I tried Zecwallet first and it didn’t work.

Side note: Maybe it’s about time Ywallet was added to the site, it works flawlessly, has more advanced features than any other Zcash wallet full stop. When will it be added? Hanh has given up asking he’s been waiting so long!

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Apropos Sybil attacks on airdrops, a fascinating Twitter thread on how this played out in the Hop airdrop:

(h/t @nathan-at-least)


PSA: if you submitted a transaction with ZecWallet Lite, submit it again with another wallet because ZecWallet did not include a memo when I checked the transaction with my Nighthawk wallet. ZecWallet probably has issues submitting low value transactions.

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My only fear now is that I have tried sending through ZecWallet and the transaction shows, but I am not sure if the memo shows. Now if I try the same for Nighthawk, I do not want them to think I am trying to attain multiple NFTs if the memo contains the same ethereum address.

They only care if you submit different Ethereum addresses. It doesn’t matter if you submit the same one.

Can I still submit my eth address?

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I think this is a smart way to get people try shielded transactions.


This reminded me of @balajis post on shielded assets on Zcash: Basics of blockchain economics (and how it should guide protocol changes) - #34 by balajis

Adding shielded tokens & NFTs will bring more activity, utility & usage to Zcash network.

This is why need full support from ECC & ZF to get ZSA deployed with good shielded assets going live at launch.

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Hi, wonder the progress of the activity: is there any slots still available? I just withdraw some zec from binance and prepared to send the memo.

Last I heard, yes.

Happy weekend, everyone. Thus far, we have 1120 unique submissions before grooming. There are still slots available. :slightly_smiling_face:


Please move to a different topic if irrelevant, but can we have a bit more clarity on why ZEC Wallet Lite stopped working on NFT day.

I used it on Thursday night (EST) and it was ok. However, many users (including me) had issues the next day around the time of NFT launch. Did it fail because some triple digit users (max I think) decided to use it at the same time? Or did someone decide to update the backend right before the launch. And if that was the case, why was it not communicated?

As an aside there are 2 small value (~0.0001 ZEC) transactions that show up on the blockexplorer and another wallet but do not appear in ZEC Wallet lite history. Both done around the NFT launch time using ZEC Wallet lite.

Note: This idea came from the community and I’m glad ECC incorporated it in the Cypherpunk release.


Ser, does the unique submission means that these tx contains “unique eth addr in the memo field”?

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