Decentralized Decision-Making: Exploring Blockchain Governance

Blockchain technology has opened a new era of decentralized decision-making, revolutionizing governance structures across diverse industries. This research delves into the concept of decentralized decision-making in the context of blockchain governance, analyzing its features, mechanisms, models, and implications. It examines real-world examples of blockchain projects that prioritize decentralized decision-making. Additionally, the author explores various DAO governance models & voting systems. The challenges, risks, and prospects are also discussed. The paper aims to inspire additional research and adoption of blockchain governance models by highlighting the possibilities of decentralized decision-making. Blockchain governance promises to create more inclusive, transparent, and resilient systems that align with the values of the blockchain ecosystem and its participants.


I would be quite curious to know how this could apply in the context of Zcash.

Would it be possible to sign a value easily with a wallet? Say one could sign “ZIP-XYZ-YES” or “ZIP-XYZ-NO” and post the signature some place, in a way where the signature would disclose how many tokens are behind a vote? After a predefined period, all votes could be counted and weighted.

This may become important if we go in a direction where every two years we need to upgrade pools? Who is supposed to decide of that, if not token holders? Not that I like the idea of having to upgrade every two years, but if we go in this direction we need to clarify the governance implications.