Dedicated server to mine Zcash

Do you guys think that worth mining in dedicated servers that have GPU? costs are around $150~$200

Not really. If it’s one server with 1 GPU, you wouldn’t make enough to even cover the cost of the server let alone any profit.

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I can add more graphic cards for $15 additional

It still wouldn’t be cost effective. An example:

I have 2 RX 570’s, 1 7950 and 1 GTX 960. I’m making around $200/month. They would have to be higher end cards and then you’d have to factor in the cost of the higher end cards. You’re looking at spending way more than you’ll be making.

Not really an efficient way to farm. Especially with a $200 overhead of the cost of the server every month.

Yea… i guess dont worth
thanks man