Dell optiplex i7 help r9 nano

Hi i have a dell optiplex i7 with an amd v5800 gpu. Iv also got an amd r9 nano that fits in the slot. Now my question is using linux ubuntu and r9 nano i get a constant loop with the log in page. Do you think windows will solve this issue?
What i also want to know is. they say to use an external power supply but i have no extra leads from psu? Can i not just power it from the board?


R9 nano perfect fit

Just dont know where to get extra power from motherboard… i thought just slotting in will be just fine?

Power comes from the PSU if it has 8pin power connectors for the GPU. I think you shouldn't mess with this as you seem like a newbie.

Yes thank you im totally new to this.... but what i want to know is if i slot it in to place it should run right? Or do i need to connect extra power?

If it has a 8 pin so yes you need it or the GPU wont run

Yes thats the connection on the gpu.... but can i get an adaptor to split the power that directly goes to motherboard ... so it connects with a slit to gpu and motherboard?

How many leads does the psu have ? Surely not just 1 ?

Open up orher side of case and see if there is another one kicking about

I wouldnt split it as the GPU will pull random power draws and throw it off

If you find another cable from the psu and its 6 pin just get adaptor for 8 pin... cost like 2 bucks and you dont need the 8 pin anyway

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wait a minute that PSU says max power 240 watts ?

Not sure what the R9 requires but id assume more than that

Iv actually got 2 hard drives but only use 1 hard drive at the moment so i might be able to use that?
The boeard itself takes 65w and the nano runs at 175w max