Deterministic builds in Zcash

“We’re keen on presenting verifiably secure and trustworthy software to the world, as demonstrated by the several audits we’ve commissioned. So for our version 1.0.0 release candidates, we have started following a deterministic build process, courtesy of Gitian…” Read more: Deterministic Builds in Zcash - Electric Coin Company


Very nice, good work! I’ve been following its progress in #zcash-dev as I work on mac/win ports.

Good evening, help me with an error :slight_smile:

@DATSEC what’s your Ansible version (ansible --version)? Try the latest.

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config file =
configured module search path = Default w/o overrides


Now check the ansible version and confirm that it is successfully installed.

root@ansi:~# ansible --version
ansible 2.1.2

By default, you get the latest version (2.1.2 is when writing this post). If an older version is required for some reason, specify it in pip

sudo pip install ansible==2.1.2

ageis can you help me?