Difference standard zcash client and the mining clients?

i compiled the official 1.0 zcash client and then wanted to join a pool.

however it seems that all the pools say you have to dowload some other client...

miner smentioned: strd4 miner or nhqminer or even others.

whats the difference with those miners and do i really need them also?

so basically strd4 miner is for lefthand input devices and nhqminer for up-down?

i mean, they are just cloned tromp versions?

sorry guys completely new to this...

so i am mining with zminer now and it seems an awefull lot like the standard client:

du -hmc -d1 zcash
1 ../zcash/zcutil
1 ../zcash/.tx
1446 ../zcash/src
1 ../zcash/share
1 ../zcash/doc
1 ../zcash/qa
45 ../zcash/.git
318 ../zcash/depends
1 ../zcash/build-aux
2 ../zcash/contrib
4 ../zcash/autom4te.cache
1817 ../zcash
1817 total

du -hmc -d1 zminer/
1 ../zminer/zcutil
1 ../zminer/.tx
1497 ../zminer/src
1 ../zminer/share
1 ../zminer/doc
1 ../zminer/qa
60 ../zminer/.git
318 ../zminer/depends
1 ../zminer/build-aux
2 ../zminer/contrib
4 ../zminer/autom4te.cache
1884 ../zminer/
1884 total

so does this in fact mean i dont need to compile zcash to mine?
just zminer is enough?

im asking because im building an linux usb stick and the persistent diskspace ran out.

i can either get a bigger stick or perhaps skip zcash native client altogether.

any thoughts on this?