Difficulty Rising


@Hannibal Not at all, I’m happy to explain how I’ve been making my own projections and criticism is always welcome. That’s a nice improvement from what the estimates were, but 47k-51k sol/s makes sense if you assume the Z9 is just using 3 of the Z9 mini hashing boards, which can get around 16k sol/s each.


For guys who are not happy with difficulty rising, I suggest you sell the mining hardware then change to trade. When you’re a trader, you will no longer ‘love’ any coins, which could make you upset due to failed leaders, project roadmaps, promises…


@Hannibal , my apologies apparently I need glasses when I read because I am seeing things that aren’t there.


It’s all good lol now i can see why asic farms exist outside of ones home just the 9 i have warm my house slightly and boy are they noisy but until they are unprofitable i just tell myself its the sound of money :rofl:


people call it noise, miners call it melody!
GL with mining!


Whir of ASIC, whir of GPU’s…same thing. If your in it, you deal with it. After awhile you literally tune it out and don’t even notice it.


Thank you! Im sure after awhile like @Moordrik stated I wont even notice it anymore.


alright, are the A9’s kicking into network? 41M difficutly.


My estimates are that another 400 Megasols will go online within the next 10 days. That means a 25% decrease to the yields people are seeing now. I saw this train coming as soon as it started rolling.


I think we all knew the train would roll, we just didn’t know the slope of the grade.


I was too late…the trick to making bank from ASICs is to be sure to you get them immediately, like some of the first ones. Otherwise, it’s a knife fight with time…


You just had to look at what happened to every other coin that went ASIC, it wasnt hard to predict what would happen to profits once they started hashing on the network.


Except not every network has had the same rate of increase. They all have some nuance.


I agree, and this is one of the big problems with ASICs. Unless you get the first batch or two, 90% of the people buying them will be in a race to ROI before they become completely obsolete.

Atleast with GPUs, a increase of 30% over 2-3 years in hardware efficiency adds to the stability of the mining ecosystem. Unlike ASICs 10x-20x-50x-100x in months.


Did they all increase at the same rate, no of course not. But watching the hashrate on other networks skyrocket 10x in a couple months, its not hard to see patterns. To say we didnt know the rate it was going to increase is kind of misleading. Many people have been predicting the rate of increase pretty closely to what we have been seeing.

ZCash is lucky it wasnt the most profitable coin by a large margin, or it would of been swarmed with all the Z9s. With so many other Equihash coins that didnt fork, Zcash wasnt hit as hard as it could of been.

Also with the current Equihash algorithm, ASICs could in theory run up to 100x faster then a gpu. Im sure Bitmain and friends already have a newer faster model out, that isnt for sale to the public. So a 10x increase in a few months could be even higher once they start comming online.


To make a speculation and later be proved correct does not mean one actually knew what would happen. That is illogical.


Your right! You watch 30 coins do the same thing. You then predict coin number 31 will do the same thing. It does. I guess that is speculating.


LOL if I can get used to the sound of a 50K generator 15’ from my room when I was in Iraq, you will quickly adapt to the sounds of ASICs @Hannibal. =)


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There’s now a single address t3P5KKX97gXYFSaSjJPiruQEX84yF5z3Tjq which is less than 3 weeks old and yet has mined over 27,400 ZEC. A total of 544 blocks have been mined in the last 24 hours and this single address accounted for 98 blocks (18%) vs. Flypool’s 80 blocks (14.7%). This address has made a little over $3.5 million since September 7th.

Edit: As @boxalex indicated, this is the newest Founder’s Reward address. Because the Founder’s Reward is not excluded from the miner distribution chart, it’s not an accurate description of miner distribution since the Founders address doesn’t explicitly mine any blocks.