Disparity between Sol/s and Accepted shares Zec.miner.0.3.4b

Hi, I’m new to the forum, and mostly to mining as well. I pulled three unused video cards into a box at work that runs it’s monitors from onboard Intel gfx. GTX 580, GTX 660, Quadro K4000.

I’m having trouble gripping the statistics window in chrome. In the first five to ten minutes, the 580 is always about 3-4 Sol/s higher than the K4000, while the K4000 is 3-4 shares accepted higher than the 580. The gap in Accepted number widens from there.

In the time it took me to poke the gargler for a bit and sign up on this forum, and start typing this post, at 17 minutes the 580 Accepted number evened out with the K4000, so maybe this is just a Hello post. I’ll keep an eye on it.

But I still wonder, because I’m about to replace just one of these two cards with a GTX 960 and need to make the choice, if wattage is not an issue for me, is Sol/s the only statistic I need to use to determine which card to pull? Or, is Sol/s an isolated statistic that does not take into account how long it takes to accept a share and stage it for processing?

At this point, 24 minutes, the 580 is outpacing the K4000 by 3 accepted and Sol/s is 31:27 in favor of the 580, so it looks like the K4000 will be pulled, to my inexperienced eye.

Thanks, and hi.


And now the K4000 outpaces the 580 with 48:43 Accepted while the Sol/s difference remains at about 3 in favor of the 580, timestamp is 28 minutes. What would you suggest?


The hashrate or solution rate is usually the most prominent factor. Its also kind of a lottery as to which cards recieve the work. They could be identical cards with one simply luckier at receiving work. Are you experiencing rejected shares?