Dizzy Wallet - Minor Grants Updates

Wassup guys!
Little update here. Dizzy (Discord Zcash Bot) is almost ready for launch!
Tested and working:

  • Tips
  • Airdrops
  • Red packets
  • Phrase drops
  • Deposits in ZEC
  • Withdraw in ZEC
  • Safety mechanisms:
    • If transfer of funds fails, the bot will automatically refund the user.
    • And many other minor bug fixes.

Many github commits and 2 medium security bug fixes

Tipsy (Telegram Zcash Bot) development for beta release is going pretty strong, the interface is almost done. (need to implement zcash client, hopefully will be ready for next month milestone).

(Telegram for desktop, the mobile version looks better)

I’m planning to publicly launch Dizzy on may 25th. Will contact @vito @Michae2xl to see if we can launch it during the weekly call. After that the bot will be public for everyone to add on their own servers (Zcash related or not).

A good friend of Zcash Brasil, @Tchosco, already told me he wants this bot on his servers.

Also, this week I’ll be recording a video tutorial on how to use Dizzy, and most important, to inform people to not hold any ZEC within Dizzy. Dizzy is intended to be a easy way for users to receive and tip ZEC to friends. Dizzy is not a wallet!

That’s it, very small update, I want to save the good stuff for the milestone update coming soon :slight_smile:

Once again, thanks Zcash Foundation for this opportunity, and thanks to all Zcashers who really welcomed me here!

(Sorry for the broken english, I used to put my text through ChatGPT, but now I think is better to put my own words here, even if nobody can understand me :rofl:)