Does anyone got experience with this 4 pcie extender?

Hi, ive recently bought this extender to add more gpus (evga gtx 1080) and i need to know if it worths it…?

anything?? any tips for use?
pcie expansion kit 1 to 4
extender link:

I can’t manage to make this one work with EVGA ICX cards. Founder edition works

have it at home 3x1060 connected to it and running but i have a different model this one (link to aliexpress)

How many Pci-e slots your motherboard has and how many cards are connected on the system?

mobo has only 4 slots 2 of them occupied by GPU 1 directly 1 with a rizer, 1 of them damaged and in the last one is wifi card…you can try to connect them like this first connect the expansion card only and start the system let the OS install driver for the chip turn off and connect 1 card at time start the machine let it install the gpu turn off connect another one

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my old mobo only 3 slots, gpu 0 and gpu 1 using two of them… pci extender gives me 4 free slots and im using only 2… using 4 gtx evga 1080, im waiting for new psu evga 850 b2 supernova, also use this evga 700w psu for mobo and just one 1080… ill check on monday night and post results


Thanks guys, these extenders are unexplored waters. I only have experience with the ones with 2 usb slots.