Does the accept share time matter?


for like 3 weeks now I’m mining on nanopool. I was think about pools and what is better for a pool.
and after a few google searches I came to the conclusion that the amount of hasrate and the low fees are better.

so I changed to flypool because it has a really high hashrate and the same fees as nanopool. I’m currently minning for like 1 hour and I see that the “Accepted share” time is way lower(from 150+ to 50+ MS).
but my question is:
does that time matter with anything?

Flypool default share difficulty is 8000.
Your total number of shares is lower but earnings are not affected.

so the accepted share time doesn’t really matter?

so if find a pool that is based in china and I’m from the eu I will not get any lower sol/s or anything