Dstm’s Zcash Cuda miner

Are there any updated benchmarks for the 1080Ti GPUs? I tried the DSTM miner in its beginning, but I didn’t see any gains compared to the EWBF miner. So I’ve been sticking with what works. But very curious to hear if it has been optimized more for the higher end GTX cards yet.

I gave the 0.5.7 version a try on one pc with 1080 and 1060 for one day .
getting around 750-770 hash rate .
while ewbf shows 720-750 .

but on flypool it shows average hashrate 700 same as ewbf if not less .
more over it froze the pc 2 times while using it , and froze it without using it after 5 hours or so . I woke up in the morning and restarted the pc and went back to ewbf .

runing on linux


hi… neeed help in ethmonitoring with dstm 0.5.7. anybody got a detailed guide on how to monitor this with ethmonitoring?

try official guide (very easy)


tnx. i forgot to turn on telemetry LOL

Awesome miner. Switched from EWBF and liking it so far.
Keep up the good work.

I’m using this miner combined with watchdog script from undertrey ([CMD] Equihash Miner Autorun (Autorestart / Watchdog) for Ewbf & Claymore & Dstm) and EthMonitoring script and they’re all have been wonderful.

*can you make the total hashrate line to be green or yellow in the script?


or better yet, can you give users the ability to change the colors of the total hashrate like if its below our minimum we can change it to red, if average blue, and if it’s high green? same with the temperature.

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I tried using this miner and had great results at first, with much improved hash rates when I started it up, about 6300 Sol/s per rig.

But I went to bed and by the morning, 2 rigs were clunking along at 3500 sol/s. That’s a no-go for me.

My rigs are 13*1070FEs running on Simplemining.

Version 0.5.8
con: add support for protocol v.01000020
link openssl statically

Linux x64:
sha1 827b137e061fe1da8f8fbcea12cec22449d3ae13

Win x64:
sha1 bbdab3f21bbce114d972045b9056c64f299ef7a7


Like the constant updates you throw out there man!

however, question.
what exactly does “con: add support for protocol v.01000020, link openssl statically” mean?

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I’ve had it running for 30 minutes, no noticeable change in power consumption or hashrate. If any change, it would be +1%, we’ll see in the morning after some more data is collected.

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hmm took a gander at the forum, the protocol looks like it was for zclassic? am i right on this one?

as for ssl info, guessing it was something effecting a few people?

looking forward to 6.0!!!

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Yeha, it was to add support for a ZCL protocol.

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After strarting DSTM miner and after some time I got this message in console:
GPU4: msg buffer full
gpu 4 unresponsive - check overclocking

This would be easy to solve if I have had done some overclocking. Everything is on stock.

Can someone help me with this problem?

How much ram do you have in there? Check task manager, how much is the ram usage. If it is maxed out, or even close, you might need more ram in the system.

whats your pagefile size?

I have 8 GB ddr4 ram, and pagefile is set to something like 30GB…

Every new update sol/s going up but profit going down I back to 0.5.6 the best result.

DSTM.exe has the odd error (I get about one error every couple of days with any of my four miners) where the process stops and I have to close it and restart it. Does this sound normal? I understand if an overclock is unstable and causes a GPU to crash but should it stop the program from working all together?

I have also found that DSTM Miner crashes occasionally. Probably because of my overclocks but I don’t really know.
I’ve started using “Autorun” which Undertrey has mentioned a few times above. It restarts the miner automatically within 1 minute upon crashes. I don’t have to do anything manually to keep the miners running now.
I know I sound like a shill but check out the bitcointalk thread which he posted a link to.
It’s seriously good - and open source.