Ebay selling 1080TI GPU's


Above is the link to my ebay link for Duke 1080 TI GPU’s
I will also sale direct to any known member of the forum. Crypto, ebay or paypal.

Discount using crypto and or buying multiples

and to those that think or may ask, I am moving in 6 weeks and the 26 gpu’s I have left can’t come with me.
I also have two unopened 8 GPU rig frames as sold by cryptoMined, 2 open 8 GPU Frames and a when they are sold a 12 GPU metal frame that will hold 4 PSU’s.

Also several EVGA 1600w and 1350W PSU’s (once the GPU’s are not using them)

Age on everything is 12 to 18 months. MFGT warranty still applies