ECC update for Jan 5

Hey everyone.

Just a short-ish post on ECC updates as I’m heads down and still have a lot of work to do over the weekend.

On Monday, I drafted a vision for a potential future for Zcash-based products that people want and will want to use.

I then spent a good chunk of the rest of the week baselining. That includes:

  • Meeting with each member of the ECC team to talk about what they see, what slows us down, what drives them and possibilities for the road ahead
  • A deep dive into all our financials, working on budgets and thinking about various funding options to fuel this vision I laid out
  • I began working on a 2024 budget and forecasting tool based on coin price, what we’ll receive from the current dev fund and the other assets we hold. That’s what I’ll be working on through the weekend.
  • Worked on getting setup on our accounts with banks and exchanges and began the process of looking for an additional bank
  • Identified the need to quickly hire into some key roles that include a product CTO and someone to head our operations

We also put up a landing page for ECC that links for a form for active-builders to use to request access to Zeboot in Palm Springs the week of the 29th. @adjychris also posted about it here. I’ll be working with various people on the agenda next week. While we likely won’t be able to accommodate everyone that has interest, we’ll do our best and also publish outcomes. As a reminder, these workshops will be used to focus and prioritize our work at ECC in support of the products we want to see in the world. Zcash itself is much bigger and with many more players.

I had a good initial meeting with Jon Rouach, the CEO of Qedit. We’re going to start meeting on a regular basis to talk about the progress of their ZSA work as well as other possibilities for partnership.

This week the team created DAGs for Zashi, a new ECC developed mobile wallet, as we work toward shipping version 1.0. We use these models to identify all the work that needs to be done and dependencies. We don’t have a firm date on the 1.0 release yet but the team is making progress on Orchard support, background sync and the UX. Work is going to be needed to setup the operational elements of supporting a wallet including infrastructure for support and feedback.

The core team has also been working to complete its initial phase of research for PoS that includes prototype work with Zebra, research and a simulator. That DAG is available here. The goal for that team is to be ready to present its research and finding at Zeboot. Our plan is to work through a path forward with PoS at Zeboot.

Whew. Didn’t feel much like a short week.

[Edit] I missed something! The core team shipped the zcashd maintenance release 5.8.0. Please update! Thanks for reminding me @nuttycom


Feel that?

The winds of change


I love the energy!

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whats the why on this task?
congrats as the new CEO Josh
best luck attempting to turn the ship around

is there anything us in the community can do to help the PoS project move faster??/


The additional bank? Standard practice to reduce risk.

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