Encoding vs Encryption

I have some question regarding the Zcash vs Monero.

Is this true that Zcash uses full encryption and Monero use only encoding? I know the Monero added Bulletproof, so its still only ecoding even with it? Please can someone let me understand more. I read on Reddit Zcash is only coin with true encryption.

Thank to you

That terminology sounds suspiciously like marketing-speak, and I don’t think it’s reasonable to make a simplistic delineation like that.


thank you for respond me ok I see its not correct

The same issue comes up in the SDR forums I crawl on the difference between encoding and encryption, there’s similar at least but no
This language you’re reading is a form of encoding! You notice the exclamation and it’s a bang, you interpret consistently, this same sentence encrypted would be scrambled gibberish with the hopes you (the unintended) would never figure it out
One interesting part about a particularly pertinent conversation on one of those forums centered around this topic was that encoding measures can also act like an encrypting measure because a regular person listening in passer-bye to a bit stream won’t derive anything and that’s for all intents and purposes as good, basically these kids were decoding satellite cell phone conversations with SDR and posting them online, it touched on a lot of things, ethics and responsible hacking, blame, eavesdropping, REoP, interesting conversation (I layed into em not gonna lie)

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