Ensuring Flexibility and Sustainability of the Zcash Development Fund - Draft

Miners 80%
ZCG 8%
Bootstrap 7%
ZF 5%

Miners 70%
ZCG 6%
Bootstrap 14%
ZF 10%

  • It is miner funding that maintains the Zcash ecosystem and security, and miner funding should not be significantly reduced. If we move to Proof of Stake, there will be more miners, and the number of Zcash paid to them will continue to decrease, so I don’t want to see a significant decrease in miner funding.
  • Bootstrap, ZF will be allocated the same number of ZEC as before. They will have a lot of work to do over the next four years, including ZSA and Zebra, Proof of Stake transition, and more.
  • The ZCG committee is not an ongoing group, the members change every year and new people vet and run the fund, so there is no reason to hold someone accountable for the use of the funds. Therefore, I believe that the ZCG is currently running too many funds. The ZCG should be an integral part of the Zcash ecosystem and is doing a lot for Zcash, but I think some of the funds are being wasted. Therefore, I propose a 6% ZCG fund.