[escrow] ICO project is looking for a zcash escrow


I’m an adviser/escrow/blockchain-expert at Just Dating Site (JDS) ICO.

JDS is a small dating webstite, which is going to accept crypto for service. Z-Cash looks to be a good choice for people who likes privacy in dating. You can read more about our ICO and business on website:


We are looking an Z-Cash expert, who would like to become a Z-Cash Excrow for us. Requirements:

  1. well-know in Z-Cash community
  2. large Z-Cash holder
  3. could find 5 reasons why Z-Cash is ideal for paying for dating sites! :slight_smile:

Project escrow will get some JDC (Just Dating Coins) for his work. Additional work related to ZEC is possible after ICO, when JDS starts accepting payments.

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