Evga gold vs evga bronze

Any one tell me what’s the deffirente between this power suply !

Cuz in the market in found just EVGA BRONZE !

Is it appropriate on the mining or i want to waiting when be available in the market

Please help and thank you

Warranty period (so confidence in components) and Efficiency, mostly. The higher-rated PSUs also have more robust safety features (as it relates to overcurrent, undervoltage, et al). Typically thy deliver more stable power to your components, too.

Titanium > Platinum > Gold > Bronze

I would go with the best PSU you can afford; I personally opted to go with Platinum and Titanium models (10-yr warranties, ~92% peak efficiency), but if you can only afford a bronze or gold PSU, it will probably last as long as you’re planning on mining. There’s always a bit of luck involved in terms of the quality of the unit you buy.

Thank you very much brother for this information

I go gold on all domestic PSU - if you do the maths you’ll find it will take you 3-6 years to earn back the $$ difference in cost to a platinum or titanium just by the tiny amount of electricity saved. And yes, it is tiny if you actually measure the same rigs with gold v platinum. Totally not worth it.