EWBF API doesn't work?

Added --api

and yet the api does not work when going to

Also it says “API: Disabled” when the EWBF starts.

any ideas?

Do you tried to disable or even check your firewall?

Have you tried the option --api
It works perfectly fine on version 0.3.4b

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firewall doesn’t block on local addr.

but even if it did - its disabled.

Thanks it works ! only on


I’m unable to access api from wifi x’)

I’m assuming you’re trying to access it from another computer?

If so, use --api then find out your miner’s local ip address assigned by your router, you can do this by openning up cmd and type in ipconfig /all. Your IP will be something like 192.168.1.xxx

On another computer, pull up a browser and type in 192.168.1.xxx:42000


Hi I am a newbie and I really want to know how does API work? And how does it benefit my mining? Right now I am mining on flypool with ewbf and it also says API disabled. How do I enable it? And should I really enable it? How does it affect my mining? Thank you in advance for your reply

Hi. No, the API has no influence on your mining speed. Simplifying a lot, it is just a web server, that then you can use your web browser to connect to the local IP address ( means the local PC) using the port you selecetd (42000 is default).

Now, the API in Flypool again, has nothing to do with mining speed, and they are 2 different concepts. The API in Flypool is ifi you want to access the mining data via you doing programming (e.g. an excel macro that downloads the Flypool data to give you graphs and mining speeds).

I personally do not use any API since I only have 1 rig so I can directly just see what is happening via Teamviewer.