EWBF's NVidia CUDA Zcash miner 1060 - 170 h/s gtx 1070 - 250 h/s

now it is going to be interesting.
will submit my benchmark this evening.


nice!! why is Claymore btw not adding the sols/w feature like EWBF? :man_shrugging:

next suggestion. implement some drop-downs, for Operating System, Miner, Cryptocurrency and maybe the Manufacturer.

How did you get such low temperatures and so big Sol/s with gtx 1060? :o

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how do you get that table with power usage and efficiency in the console?
i am using EWBFs cuda miner as well and can only see this:


Use --pec in command line in your start.bat file.

In case of problems, errors, stability issues, try to use my program: [CMD] Zcash Miner Autorun (Autorestart / Watchdog) for EWBF miner

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thanks, will try that

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What a nice 1070… My 1070 just run 430-440 sols…

Is your windows 10? updated to the latest (1703) version?

And what driver version are all you guys using at the moment? The latest 385.41? I’m currently on 382.33.

I’m using last version of GPU driver and last version of Win 10 Pro x64.
3 GTX 1060 Gigabyte G1 Gaming - 320 Sol/s each.
Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming Engine: +30 GPU clock, -30% Power limit, +1500 Memory clock. Another all by 0. Fans - auto turbo. 64C.

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3 980ti using 850 watts giving 1200 Sol/s, Can i get more Sol/s by tweaking?

Hello guys!
I’ve been mining for a couple of days (with a dedicated rig and on console) and read several posts and weatched some videos too as I am pretty new to all these

I’ve got a question about the miner, I see my first 2 1080 work at a desired level but the third one’s load is below the others, resulting in a loss of 50 sol/s approx,
I will attach a pic below

@Jattitude you can achieve that by tweaking on Msi Afterburner, check my pic :wink:

im no expert but maybe the riser is faulty? also what psu u using? also are you maybe using that 3rd card as your primary card or using onboard? (looks like you have a few tabs open, could be causing the drop if thats the case)

anybody some new good settings?
had a great setting for my msi gtx 1070 with getting about 470sol/s, but now i added one asus 1070 strix and somehow i just get 430sol/s now with same settings for the msi and only about 350sol/s for the asus.

ratio is ~ 3,1 sol/w for both now.

my Settings:

Power 60%
Core +0
Memory +400

Power 65%
Core +0
Memory +400

for sol… up the core clock will make different alot than memclock

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somehow this doesn’t work for me.
changed to following:

both cards:
Power 65%
Core +150
Memory +0
MSI: 60°C now 2,9 sol/W
ASUS: 49°C goes up and down from 2,8 sol/w to 3,5 sol/ w

cannot do more than +150 core because the asus crashed 2 times, didn’t try to go further with the msi

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There’s no reason to drop the memory clock. I don’t know why people keep telling others to do so. Especially on non-1080 Ti cards where overclocking the memory gives a significant Sol/S boost. Crank the core up to whatever it can handle at your whichever power settings and then crank the memory up until stability becomes an issue. Then dial it back a tiny bit.

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I wouldn’t think it’s the riser nor the tabs as I tried closing all of them and there was no change

The day after this I posted, there was a blackout and when power came back I decided to spend a few mins reading
EWBF help thoroughly and configured the .cfg for the miner app. Right after all of the vga’s were working outstandingly!
That’s because I properly set the intensity to be 100% on all of the cards…but then today something failed and my sol/s dropped from 1720-1750 to 1620-1650…settings are the same
So here I am again…

My psu is a EVGA G2 1000 watts 80 plus gold and the vga’s are drawing something like 500 + watts altoghether.
I have another evga but a 1300 watts one, on the other pc which I use for general purpose and gaming with a r9 fury x…maybe I should switch? …

I read something about the memory controller load which will interfere in your hash rate if below 85 % …and I have no idea how to control that…or configure the cards in a way that such percentage won’t go below that mark. If I am correct, as Zcash uses mainly the vga’s memory to solve its algos, if the controller goes down it’s like the vga is working with 15 % less capacity than desired

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Project, after seeing your pics I wonder…what really is to consider? sol/s? or sol/s per watt? because, I’m getting something like 1700 sol with 3 1080 but of course…all of them are at 100 tdp

I also use the 385.41 driver version

hi all today i have received the GeForce GTX 1060 WINDFORCE OC downloaded EWBF and cant get it normaly working thru riser card… when connected directly to mobo all is working fine but when connected thru riser it crashes the driver with EWBF giving error 30 on stock settings the miner starts mining when the card power limit is under 60% befor started when the miner already started mining i can make it up to 83 % with some core and memory OC to 2000Mhz 4200mhz. anything above will cause a driver crash same goes with stock settings or no oc but power limit above 83…already tried 5 drivers and reinstalled the OS so now i have a clean install still nothing …any help or suggestions appreciated .
btw 700 W PSU and the second gpu conected to it is R9 280x