Extract data from Zcash4win to Excel?

I’m currently making an Excel spreadsheet to monitor my mining and my small investment of ZECs. To avoid having to manually input currency prices and mining progress, I’ve configured the spreadsheet to automatically pull ZEC and USD prices from the web and update at regular intervals. I do the same with my mining balance on Flypool.

There is only one more variable to do before the whole spreadsheet is automatic, and that is my Wallet balance…so, is there any way of importing my total balance from the Zcash4win wallet to a cell in Excel?

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Nevermind, girls and guys. I ended up using the web API for the Zchain explorer instead. Entered a new query in Excel and specified https://api.zcha.in/v2/mainnet/accounts/[my zcash address].

This way I got the balance of my address imported right into a workbook in Excel. I have set it to update every hour, but I have to wait until tomorrow for the next payout from Flypool before I can verify that it is working as planned.

EDIT: Works like a charm!

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