Fluffypony Resigns from Monero Core Team with Immediate Effect

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User Xenumonero’s thread mentions accusations from the XMR community pointing Spagni as the person stealing the community’s funds.

I don’t believe this is anything like what has been proposed here when leaders were asked to step aside. It occurs to me that you are suggesting otherwise. I don’t think that’s fair game at all.

Also spagni has proposed to disband monero core Proposal: Disband Core · Issue #921 · monero-project/meta · GitHub

Zcash decentralization efforts confirm this is the right move. Without any risks falling into Ad Hominem, Spagni’s remarks on risk of centralized core teams are quite accurate.

Ps:I Don’t have any precisions on whether this x thread is legit though


Decentralization is the way forward, and it brings greater credibility

Yeah, I suspect it was my twitter exchange with fluffy that Xenu was referring to when mentioning fluffy’s “online presence has been on the defensive against these accusations”. It was even implied by fluffy that that very exchange is what pushed him to take the decision to resign from the core team.

Well, there’s definitely more than just one way to systematically abuse and/or extract value from a crypto community.

I read that a bit as a “if I can’t have it, no one can” kind of thing. I very much hope it never gets to that with the powers-that-be in Zcash, though it wouldn’t surprise me (I am aware that several highly visible members of the Zcash community have pushed, both publicly and privately, for a certain someone to step down, though, in my humble opinion it is very unlikely that that certain someone would have the decency to oblige to such requests).

To be fair, I would find it ridiculous if anyone actually tried to argue that “Zcash is more decentralised than Monero”.

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It should be noted that Spagni has been resigning from Monero every year since he cashed out (around 2020), and twice on Sundays.

Monero has an extremely top-down centralised structure. It is ran by 3 guys (Spagni, Dubois-Lacoste, and Chu), followed by yes men of each.

As we know from any lesson in Chinese (or any other authoritarian regime’s) politics a true resignation would be followed by a party purge of the leader’s support structures. I don’t see any evidence that @sgp (being Spagni’s cadre member) will be purged.

Even though his scramble to track an “untraceable” coin, using an analytics company they claimed had no working method, was hilarious.

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